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Frank Hornby, Inventor & Business Man!
Frank Hornby was a dreamer, like so many dreamers their minds are always active. Frank Hornby, "The man who built a Toy Empire", from one toy, Meccano. The original name was "Mechanics Made Easy". Frank Hornby as the story goes was an avid reader of books about great thing, inventions & journeys which drove his mind to waunder and wonder. His was a mind that lead him on a long journey in life and business. He had two sons. So one Christmas he was looking for a toy for these boys, and being of modest means he did not want to spend a lot of money on expensive toys so he set his mind to thinking, "what can I do this Christmas". He came up with the idea of a metal toy that could be used to build things and teach boys mechanical things. The pieces of steel with punched holes took on different shapes & sizes, yet the mechanics stayed the same. The holes were all the same size to fit a screw with a nut on the other end. The spacing between the holes were all the same so you could configure things from these pieces. The steel was silver in colour at first then became red & green. These colours were probably chosen so you could see them in the shop windows. In the early stages of his toy business most of the work was done at home. The demand for his invention became so great he built a factory to produce the toy. One toy lead to another & another, over the years of his business life, about 1900-1936 the year he died he had amassed a business that was rivaled by few of his time. He surrounded himself with talented people of like mind and enterprize. One thing led to another, O, DINKY TOYS was born as a side issue for the Hornby Trains he was now manufacturing along with a lot of other toys.

Well, that is it in brief of a, Boy Who Made a $1,000,000 With a Toy! (Meccano, Hornby Trains, Hornby-Dublo Trains, Dinky Toys, the list goes on!) Find yourself a copy of the book, "Frank Hornby, The Boy Who Made $1,000,000 With A Toy", interesting reading to say the least. David Tozer, toy collector & dreamer!

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