* Order Paint Colour by Number: P1-P75*

“P25 Drab Military Green Not Available @ this time!”

P1. Burgundy

Dinky 581 Horsebox
Dinky 522 Big Bedford

P2. Deep Red

Dinky 250 Fire Engine
Dinky 455 Trojan (Brooke Bond Tea)

P3. Crimson Red

Dinky 255 Mersey Tunnel
Dinky 451 Trojan (Dunlop)

P4. Deep India Red

Dinky 107 Alpine
Dinky 157 Jaguar

P5. Rio Pink

Dinky 131 Cadillac

P6. Rose Pink

Dinky 100 FAB 1 Rolls Royce

P7. Deep Orange

Dinky 563 Blaw Knox and Fodens

P8. US Army Green

Dinky 683 Chieftan etc

P9. Orange/Yellow

Dinky 482/930 Bedford
Dinky Toys (Lower Half)

P10. Russet Tan

Dinky 344 Estate Car
Dinky 430 Commer Cab

P11. Jasmine

Dinky 965 Euclid

P12. Light Orange/Yellow

Dinky 190 Caravan
Dinky 521/921 Bedford Artic

P13. Primrose

Dinky 131 Cadillac
Dinky 962 Muir Hill

P14. Yellow

Dinky 40H Taxi
Dinky 913 Comet Cement

P15. Deep Orange/Yellow

Dinky 480 Bedford Van (Kodak)

P16. Cement Cream

Dinky 252 Refuse Wagon

P17. Yellow/Cream

Dinky 930 Bedford Pallet Jekta(Upper Half)
Dinky 482 Bedford Van (Upper Half)

P18. Sand Cream

Dinky 29F Observation Coach
Dinky 290 Double Deck Bus (Upper Half)

P19. Midnight Blue

Dinky 40A Riley
Dinky 40H Taxi

P20. Dark Blue

Dinky 522 Bedford Wagon

P21. Medium Dark Blue

Dinky 178 Plymouth Plaza
Dinky 725 Phantom

P22. Summer Sky Blue

Dinky 40A Vanguard
Dinky 481 Bedford Van (Ovaltine)

P23. Cambridge Blue

Dinky 982 Pullmore Transporter Trailer

P24. Azure Blue

Dinky 453 Trojan Van (Oxo)
Dinky Foden and Guy Cabs

P25. Drab Green

Dinky Military Vehicles

P26. Ivy Green

Dinky 290 Double Deck Bus (Lower Half - Late Issue)
Dinky 452 Trojan Van (Chivvers)

P27. Grass Green

Dinky 441 Tanker
|Dinky 454 Trojan Van (Cydrax)
Dinky 40A Riley

P28. Pea Green

Dinky 169 Studebaker
Dinky 154 Hillman Minx
Dinky 191 Dodge Royal Sedan

P29. Dark Green

Dinky 261 Post Office Telephone Van

P30. Grey Blue

Dinky 642 RAF Pressure Refueller

P31. Newark Grey (beige)

Dinky 159 Morris Oxford
Dinky 153 Standard Vanguard

P32. Medium Grey

Dinky 25A Wagon
Dinky 982 Transporter Top Ramp

P33. Grey

Dinky 30B Milk Float
Dinky 29B Streamlined Bus

P34. Slate Grey

Dinky 181 Volkswagen Beetle
Dinky 150 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith (Upper Half)
Dinky 905 Foden Flat with Chains

P35. Mint Green.

Corgi 152S BRM
Corgi 485 Mini Countryman Surfer

P36. Lagoon Blue

Dinky 173 Nash Rambler

P37. Maroon

Dinky 38 & 39 Series

P38. Mauve Blue

Dinky 942 Foden 'Regent' Tanker Cab
Corgi 448 Mini Police Van

P39. Sea Blue

Dinky 504 Foden Tanker Back

P40. Black

Base Plates and Detail Work

P41. Snow White

Dinky 105 MSV
Dinky 250 Police Mini

P42. Ivory

Dinky 113 MGB
Dinky 197 Morris Mini Traveller

P43. Cloud Grey

Dinky 150 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith (Lower Half)

P44. Storm Blue

Dinky 186 Mercedes 220SE
Dinky 181 Volkswagen Beetle

P45. Chocolate

Dinky 36 & 39 Series Cars

P46. Drab Bronze Green

French Dinky Military

P47. Light Biscuit

Dinky 132 Packard

P48. Pastel Blue

Dinky 140 Morris 1100
Dinky 130 Ford Corsair

P49. Sage Green

Dinky 182 Devon

P50. Westminster Green

Dinky 39A Packard
Dinky 30D Vauxhall

P51. Haze Green

Dinky 719 Spitfire Undercarriage

P52. Highway Yellow

Corgi 208S Jaguar
Corgi 227 Mini

P53. Petrol Blue

Dinky 171 Hudson (Lower Half)
Dinky 414 Dodge Cab (Lower Half)

P54. Brick Red (Semi Matt)

Dinky Guy and Foden Wagons

P55. Field Green

Britains Trucks etc

P56. Dark Olive Green

Dinky 40A Riley
39 Series

P57. Traffic Blue

Dinky 475 Capstan Top Half

P58. County Blue

Dinky 721 Stuka Undercarriage
Corgi Chipperfields
Dinky 988 ABC TV

P59. Sintra Blue

Corgi 236 A60 Driving School
Corgi 441 Toblerone Van

P60. Bluebird

Corgi 153 Bluebird

P61. Shamrock Green

Dinky 101 Thunderbird 2

P62. Light Stone

Dinky 165 Humber Hawk
Corgi 219 Plymouth Estate

P63. Pale Cream

Dinky 190 Caravan (Top Half)

P64. Avon Green

Dinky 290 Double Deck Bus (Lower Half)
Dinky 905 Foden Chainpost Wagon

P65. Glade Green

Dinky 132 Packard
Dinky 40F Hillman Minx (Lighter than 28)

P66. Lilac

Spot On Cars
Corgi 232 Fiat 2100
Corgi 233 Heinkel

P67. Arctic Blue

Corgi 220 Chevrolet Impala
Corgi 226 Mini

P68. Willow Green

Matchbox 34B VW Camper

P69. Pale Olive Green

Corgi 224 Bentley Continental (Top Half)
Matchbox 57 Wolsley

P70. Pale Violet

Corgi 420 Ford Thames Caravan (Top Half)

P71. Raspberry

Corgi 420 Ford Thames Caravan (Lower Half)

P72. Rich Cream

Dinky 253 Daimler Ambulance

P73. Sand (Matt)

Desert Military Vehicles (Matt Finish)

P74. French Blue

Corgi Car Transporter (Lower Half)

P75. Sherwood Green (Semi Matt)

Dinky 353 SHADO 2